Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my style


so i've started another blog, for those of you who care, this one is intended to be the rough draft on my book-in-progress, "Around the World on a Student Loan"
the address is: http://zappalinda.blogspot.com/

for those of you who don't read my second blog, here is a quick note about my style, Ed felt it was important that i explain.
i don't like to capitalize personal pronouns, sometimes i do sometimes i don't. and i don't obey capitalization rules in general. i don't really understand proper english grammar, i claim it's because i was never taught proper grammar. i like long rambling sentences with lots of commas, but i don't use semi-colons. i also think fragments should be used, you don't really need a complete sentences, as long as the words work in context, what does it matter where the periods go? just wherever it feels like i need to stop.
i like to play with words, consider the following six sentences:

the cat sat on the mat
on the mat the cat sat
sat the cat on the mat
the cat on the mat sat
on the mat sat the cat
sat on the mat the cat

they all say the same thing, don't they? i mean, they all convey the same message, that there is a cat sitting on a mat, right?
well i think so.

have a good day.

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  1. Actually, I think all but one of those cat-mat sentences mean the same thing. The sentence, "the cat on the mat sat," means, "the cat which is on the mat sat."

    That could mean that the cat which is currently on the mat (sitting or standing or kneeling or whatever) once upon a time sat, in the past, somewhere on something.

    Plus, um... all the cat-sat sentences mean basically the same thing, sort of, but they all have different connotations. The first sentence, "The cat sat on the mat," is the most normal-sounding, and so I think that it's the most reader friendly, and the most comfortable-feeling. But a lot of the other ones, with their unusual syntax, are kind of poetic sounding and maybe pretentious or silly sounding.