Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trouble in paradise

Riding lawnmowers must be the county’s favorite pastime, it’s a way to get to spend time in their yard without having to walk around the place. Yep, lawn-mowing, it’s what we do for fun around here, and the grass grows so very fast.
There is a lot going on behind the scenes, and I haven’t had the desire to write much, but not writing does leave something lacking within myself. So in a way my current funk is like my common phrase, “You do it to yourself”.
So here is the question, knowing as I do that a certain person may read my blog, is it wise to air my grievances against them? When the two options are appeasement or blow out, which is the better option? It’s all in the details I suppose. Ah details, details… and without going into further details, let me just say that we understand how Harry felt, living at the Dursley’s, under the staircase. It’s not good.
We also have come to the conclusion that we have been taking on too much, and just stressing ourselves out in the process. Jumping off the high-dive platform into the deep end without knowing how to swim, while a bunch of people standing around the edge of the pool, who also don’t know how to swim, are yelling instructions at you on how to do it. We are going to slow down and choose the next step on our path carefully. We cancelled our chicken order. It’s not the right time. We are going to be focusing solely on the garden, and getting to know, if we can, the state of Oregon and its people. We have come to realize that there are certain aspects of our living situation here that we don’t think we can handle long-term. We would like a shower of our own one day, a workable kitchen, space and autonomy. And we also don’t think that we are ready to be tied to a specific piece of land, in the way that livestock ties one to the land. Ed and I have just a little too much gypsy in us for that, and when we think about it, our little home is on wheels. There is too much we haven’t seen in our country, let alone the world, to landlock ourselves so. The one thing we must always remember is there are always options. This is both frightening and liberating. So we are back to the drawing board, considering options.


  1. Come to alaska and work at my place this summer.
    You will have a good time and be able to take a lot of fish home with you.

    I have a small fish smoking and canning operation.
    Housing is available.

  2. Look at that, a job offer already ...while you are considering it take a look at your earlier writings. Look specifically on how you came to be in that travel trailer at your in-laws and why you are there. Then try and remember the thoughts and feeling you didn't write down.

    Sometimes when I find myself in a place I didn't really expect to be in it's good to remember the "why". The "why" was real then and it's still real ... I'm just not thinking about it.

  3. Explore now while you are young before you have kids. You can work at state parks and camp for free. It is a good option. I also have some friends that are gypsies. They belong to a club called The Flying Dutchman and they travel around the country panning for gold. Just have fun and no don't post things that might hurt feelings. Feelings last forever. It's better to learn to shrug it off.
    Susan in Dallas

  4. Yeah, you just never know who's reading your blog.