Friday, October 30, 2009

My ideas about the universe in a nutshell

I’ve been thinking about growing. What it means to grow, the act of growing. I just turned 29. I grew. I’ve been thinking about change. Growing and changing are similar in nature but have different connotations. A lot of change happened the past year, and as a result I grew.
I’m not really going anywhere with this.
I’m really rather radical. I think that where Humans need to go in order to continue to succeed is so far from where we are that I wonder if we are even cable of asking the questions, and questioning the institutions upon which we base our society. I’m an idealist, but I have been disappointed from time to time.
I do think that the human species can live in global peace and prosperity. I say global, which scares some people, and which might be odd from me, since I have stressed the local. Let me explain. I see a global local movement, meaning that everything that can be produced locally will be. EVERYTHING. I really think we need to bring production back to the people. Strip it down to what we need: we need to eat. What can be grown locally? What animals thrive there? We need a place to live. What are the local building materials? We need education and health care. Most things, even larger appliances and electronic goods can be produced locally, on a smaller scale. In order to do this, we will have to challenge the corporatist presumed point of life, i.e. the accumulation of wealth. Hoarding. What are we saving for? Now is all we have. Hell, there could be some crazy worldwide disaster that kills us all tomorrow. Children who have no idea of the value of a dollar will inherit wealth and most of it will be squandered. I see the point of life to be the enjoyment of it along with the happiness that hopefully accompanies it, while remembering that life by nature is suffering. All I am saying is give peace a chance.
I’ve been thinking of everything and about nothing at the same time. It’s an odd headspace. Sometimes I want to bury my head in the sand, other times I want to crusade and save the world. It’s like this jumbled up ball of twine, and you don’t even know where to begin trying to tease it apart. As you slowly work one string out of the knot, the whole becomes less tangled, until the strings fall loosely in your hands and you are able to braid them nicely.
It seems too big, and the forces on the other side too strong. Because I do believe that there are forces on the other side that profit from the confusing jumbled up ball of twine and want to keep it that way.
I used to say that I thought it was five monkeys in the mountains of Peru who really ran the world. Now I think it is probably a handful of international bankers who run the show.
The alterations that society needs to make on the whole require that we question the institutions that form it: the military-industrial complex, the insurance and pharmaceuticals industries, the sue-happy legal system, the embedded corporate interest in the government agencies.
To be continued…


  1. "All I am saying is give peace a chance" is from a John Lennon song. I bet you knew that. Sometimes I think John Lennon was cool, and he was really really cool, especially his music, but I think he wanted to sit naked in the park and smoke pot all the time, and hold hands across the world, which doesn't really sound that bad. But uh... yeah I like what you're talking about... if I understand it... going local... I think one of the best ways to go local is to secede from the Union.

    I just did that, actually. I put a cool-looking flag in my front yard, and underneath the flag I posted a sign that says, "This property is the independent country of Telemoonfa. I don't gotta pay taxes or talk to you or nothing!"

    But then the Home Owner's Association goons came and took my flag and my sign, and I didn't feel like defending myself, so I guess I'm still under the jurisdiction of the HOA, the county governmnet, the state government, the federal government, and the one-world government United Nations/IMF/international bankers stuff.


    Next year the part of Pinal County that I live in is going to vote on incorporating to become a city, and you know what, I'm gonna vote no, just becasue I don't want to be subject to another level of government. But that won't solve the jumbled up twine problem you were talking about.

  2. goooooood post !!!!

  3. No way can everything be made locally.Have you ever tried to make a sewing needle ? It is a lot easier than making micro-chips or refrigerators. Maybe each town should make their own gasoline and cars.
    As far as humans living in peace that would be nice, if every one was good that would be nice. But every one is not nice. Nidal Hassan, Mohammed Atta, Osama Bin Laden, Sadam Hussain, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot. If you add up all the people they killed it would probably be over 100 million. ( read " The Black Book of Communism" ). My point is there is good and evil people in this world and the battle between the two will probably not end in my lifetime or my children or grand-childrens life time. Humans may not be able to make peace on earth. But you can have some peace in your own life thanks to the brave men and women in the military, and police force.