Sunday, January 11, 2009

leaving LA

Well, Friday was my last day at work, which was surreal to say the least. I said goodbye to the little girl I've been training, good luck, I've done all I can for you. but this world is no longer mine, it's not my life. my journey continues, I still have places to go, and right now that is to Oregon. We are almost all packed, and we pick up the U-haul truck on Wednesday. Amongst the existential angst that will always accompany a life changing move, I think I feel alright. In our good bye to LA I would like to put up a few pictures. First showing where we now inhabit, and as part of the saying goodbye process, on New Years Day, we took a hike in the Glendale foothills. I figured out how to get pictures on the side of the page so look over for our pictorial farewell to LA., and we are disconnecting our Internet today, so the next time I post it'll be from Oregon!


  1. exciting!!!


    yip yip I'm a cowboy!

    Are you going to have a computer with the Internet up there so you can keep doing your blog?

    I want to hear how it feels to live in a state with the abbrevation "OR". That's such an indescisive abbreviation, you know?

  2. oh wait I just read the part about how you'll post next from Roseburg, so I guess that answers my question about you having a computer up there.

    But I have another question. It's not really a question, I guess. It's more like a comment. Here it is: Did you know that Oregon is so liberal that they don't let you pump your own gas? (Oh wait, I guess that was a question after all. Dang it!)

    Yeah! They're so liberal! And did you know that Oregon is so liberal that they legalized euthanasia?

    That's all I really know about Oregon. Except I remember that I have traveled there before. It was such a long long journey to get there, and I hunted deer along the way, and I was a banker, and Billy died of dystentary, and Sally got cholera, and we had to trade furs with Indians so they would guide us across a river, and sometimes the trail to Oregon was impassable so we just had to wait a few days before it became passable, and man those storms were rough, let me tell you.

    Oh wait, maybe I never really went to Oregon in real life. Maybe that was all just a video game.

    Yip Yip!

  3. i don't know if the not pumping their own gas law is because they are liberal. it's because once in their history, some-guy, pumping his own gas and smoking a cigarette dropped it and it blew up the gas station and a bus-load full of kids. so some one proposed a law to try to prevent such occurrences in the future. the people of oregon passed the bill and it became law. and i have driven through oregon many times and i did know this.
    and I hope you are saying liberal in a positive way. as far as we are concerned to use the word liberal or conservative with a negative connotation is an out dated way of thinking, and see the best in each other to live collectively. .