Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oregon, Finally

We now have reliable Internet access, so I can start blogging again, before we got here it was just dial up and it sucked.
Well, we are now officially living in Oregon
Through a series of really long days, Ed and I managed to load all of our possessions onto a U-haul truck and while towing the Prius, drive ourselves up to Oregon.
Our Airstream is still being worked on in Salem, so we are living in the house with Grant and Carol. And three small barking dogs, that jump on your legs every time they see you and who are not completely house trained (Ed bought a choke chain and is determined to train them). And a back room full of cats and stinky cat litter boxes. Then there is the bickering of Grant and Carol. And the bickering and the barking dogs.
Also it’s really fucking cold. Like really. Consider this, I’m originally from Arizona, and up until a week ago I was living in 80° Los Angeles weather, the warmest day so far was the day of our arrival, and that was 45°. Today’s high was 37°. I am cold. And I don’t have the best winter wardrobe, or shit clothes for working around the farm.
On the up side, we have been learning to take care of the animals. There are two sheep, two Nubian goats, to Pygmy goats, two miniature horses and three geese. Grant showed us how to clean their stalls, and prepare their food, now Ed and I are going out there and taking care of it before Grant wakes up.
Also, we built our compost heap, lined it with four wooden pallets, and threw on our first pile of horse shit, hay and the tin container I’ve been keeping in the kitchen full of produce scraps. Ed said when we threw it all on, it started steaming. A compost pile will heat up to 130 degrees in the decomposition process.
We are learning our way around the town, well our house is ten miles outside of town, so I’m also learning the way to town.
Plans are in the work, first though we just need to get our trailer and move into it. It is stressful not having our own space. I’m going to get a Jack Russell terrier soon, and I’m looking for name suggestions. My little Jack Russell will follow us around while we take care of the animals and work in the garden. Also he will keep Carol’s three dogs away from me. And my dog will be trained, Ed will see to that.
Tomorrow Carol is going to teach me to trim back the rose and blackberry bushes, they already have grape vines and a plum tree. This land has great potential, and we are going to try to help coax what we can out of it, see if we can make some money off of it. That’s the goal.


  1. Instead of profanity try using some other words to describe the weather, or maybe something like *#!#*! either way would definitely make your blog a lot less vulgar.

  2. sounds awesome...i'm a little jealous, i've wanted sheep and goats for years (seriously!) and i like the profanity...i don't find it vulgar at all. i find it charming and descriptive....if you get to sheer your sheep and goats send me some, i'd love to make yarn and knit you a scarf or something...

  3. i think the sheep get sheered once a year, in the spring. i don't know what happens with the wool, maybe i can send you a bag :)

  4. if you do, i'll make you something and you can wear the product of your'd be cool!

  5. A jack russell is perfect for you. they are very energetic.