Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Impolite Conversation

Ed and I are always discussing whether or not I should be careful with my politics, and religious views, i.e. my philosophies. Because I am extreme? No. Well maybe. Heaven forbid I should offend anyone with my views, even though I am constantly offended by what is said around me. I feel I should speak up. Not that I expect to change anyone’s mind, that’s why it’s theirs, to make up for themselves.
Now to the story: We had a very nice guy from down the street deliver some firewood. A cord for $100, which I guess is a good price, having never bought firewood before, I really don’t know. But Ed has bought firewood and he said it was a good price. 10 minutes into unloading the truck, the man stops what he is doing, turns towards us and in all seriousness asks us, “Do you know the Lord?” (and I was wearing my Buddha shirt) to which I replied “Jesus”, (no, that’s just what I thought), I actually replied, “How much time do you have?”
Ed and I recently watched the movie Religulous, by Bill Maher. Well, according to him about 16% of the American population are ’non-believers’, people who do not affiliate themselves with any religion or belief system. 16%, that is a sizable portion of the population. And we non-believers can’t sit quietly while all the believers run rampant yelling about their beliefs. On that note, I would like to proclaim that I am a Questioner. I do not know if there is a God or gods, and I am OKAY not knowing. I do not think such questions are answerable. What I do believe is that the Universe will take care of you if you just let it. Whatever that means.


  1. Being a Questioner is good. And we're not responsible for having all the answers either. But you better take care of your own ass. The Universe is about random selection, though sometimes you do get lucky.

  2. What happened next? Did the guy reply, "I always got time to witness!" Or what? I wanna know the rest of the story! And if the rest of the story is really boring, you should spice it up a bit.

  3. I believe in multiple Gods and believe that just believing is a good thing. It is always easy when someone asks me the question no matter their religion and no matter the"do you know" question, I can always just nod and say, "yes I do." It sure cuts the conversation short!
    Susan in Dallas

  4. Could just answer, "Yes, I know Jesus. He comes by to cut my lawn once a week."