Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've been hearing it on the Radio

It's funny, Shirley the producer at CNN said this picture might be too humorous for the story, I said if Ed and I did not keep our sense of humor we would have jumped off a bridge. So CNN ended up using this picture in the clip.

So we drove up to Portland on Thursday to be interviewed by CNN (the clip aired Friday on Wolf Blitzer's, "The Situation Room"). CNN will post the clip online Monday, and I will link it to my blog for all of you who are not avid CNN watchers to view. (It was a fun experience, we were interviewed via telephone by Shirley, the producer, who was in New York. We had little earpieces and microphones hooked up to us, they interviewed us for about 45 minutes, and whittled it down to about 45 seconds for the show). We spent the rest of the day with my good friend Lauren. It was good to be in a city again. Friday we woke up and drove back home. When we arrived Grant told us CNN had aired the clip, and he had recorded it. So we all sat down and watched it a few times. Ed's beard looks red on TV, and I think we are both camera friendly. So Friday night, being thoroughly exhausted, we received a call from CNN Radio. They wanted an interview as well for the radio broadcast. We spoke to the radio producer for about twenty minutes, but I haven't been listening to CNN radio to hear if they have played the interview. Whirlwind. The producer told me (via email) that Ed and I MADE the segment, and that she would love to do a follow-up. Even if it goes nowhere, I'm glad it happened.


  1. Wow, that's so cool and awesome and crazy and exciting and hey I think you quoted something. Isn't "I've been hearing it on the radio" from the clay-mation California Raisins movie thing? Remember that? Ha ha ha.

    Your picture is funny.

  2. the line is from the California Raisins cartoon. Very good, Moonfa, you win the prize of the day. that cartoon used to be a favorite of mine.

  3. Hi- I'm with the national TV show, Inside Edition, and we're very interested in speaking with you and your husband about your recent move from LA to OR. You can reach me at 310-642-4175.

    Thanks- Ami Desai

  4. The California Raisins used the classic Motown hit, "Heard it Through the Grapevine" as their theme music.

    *THROUGH THE GRAPEVINE*. Not "On the Radio".