Monday, March 2, 2009

Animal instincts

So the little pygmy goats are starting to warm up to me; the sheep too, even though they are still super skittish. The little goats, like I said are starting to get used to us. I think that’s because we bring them their food everyday, animals notice things like that. So for the first time the other day the little goats let me touch them, before that they would always run away from me. As Ed was filling up their water buckets, I bent down and they came up to me, as I started to pet them they fought over who got to be closer to me, the little charmers. Then the black one, started to nibble on my gloves and my shirt, they didn’t want to be brushed, they wanted food, and since I’m the one who brings it to them, they must figure I always have it.

Also, Welden, the male miniature horse, lately has been attacking Kenny, the male Nubian goat. Twice in the last week Welden has pinned Kenny up against the barn while biting his neck. Once Welden chased Kenny the whole way across the pasture, trying to take him down, and finally succeeded. Poor Kenny cries and cries, and the cries of a Nubian goat are not a pleasant sound. And Welden has some massive teeth and could probably do some damage. I ran into the pasture yelling at him to let Kenny go, which he finally did as I got close. I was half afraid that Welden would turn on me, but I figured I could take down a miniature horse. When I told Carol and Grant, they didn’t seem to care. Grant just laughed that Welden does that sometimes, and that Kenny usually gets away. He said it’s because Cha Cha (the filly) is in heat, and Welden gets protective of her, and jealous. But why a horse is jealous of a goat is beyond me.


  1. :-) funny, there you go - the animals of Oregan kindda like you :-)

  2. Jealousy knows know species I suppose. Although it seems like it should.

    The Boid

  3. We kept a pony in with the goats and that first year the pony killed all the baby goats. Picked them up by the scruff of the neck, shook them and tossed them. I saw him do it with the last goat of that season.
    We put up seperate quarters for the pony after that.

  4. Please ask your inlaws to separate them, if you haven't already...I have to post as anon. because I have been unable to log my name in. I am the former real estate developer from the midwest, who went from $400,000 a year to negative ???. We declared bankruptcy, Chapter 13, in order to keep our house, which feels like a prison to me. My husband would rather drop dead to keep this house, than to preserve our family. His parents are the same way. How relationships weather adversity speaks volumes. How I wish I had known this prior to marriage.
    My name is Judith and I am in the Midwest near St Louis. I will continue to post under Anon. because the check in area below will not recognize my URL (I don't know what that means)
    I totally support what you are doing. You were wise to put your stuff in storage. Things are selling for 50 cents on the dollar--or less--I have been selling everything that I can on craigslist....way below what things would have brought even one year ago.......I will be in touch, Anon.

  5. Hello Anonymous,
    I think you are right about separating the animals but that's often not as easy as it sounds.

    I have to 'sign in' to be able to use anything but anonymous.

    Living in a prison? Not a good deal at all, surely not the way to spend a life if there is a choice involved. Leah and her husband had reality change around them, they made a choice and that put them on different path.
    Taking the different path in life is often never easy and should not (IMO) be taken lightly but sometimes you have to try something different.

    You only have one life, it is yours and yours alone to do what you will with it.

  6. Kudos to you! Life in the country is awesome. I came from the city to a shabby shack on 5 acres and would not trade it for the world. You will never catch me living in the city. I enjoy my animals and my freedom. Enjoy your new life just as you do the stars at night. This is the way we are suppose to live.