Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pictures of the Compost

How it looked when we started.
Moving stuff around.

That's me in there. Knee deep in crap.

The re-imagined first three compost piles.

Surveying with satisfaction our hard work, and don't get me wrong, it was a labor of love, but it was hard work!!!

Ed and I have not been liking the pillows on the floor in the living room. It was really hard on our backs. I got to thinking that some of our chairs must fit in here. I really miss our furniture, and it looks so sad piled up in the barn. I went on a mad frenzy throwing all the pillows out and dragging our brown chairs in. Only until after he saw what a brilliant idea I had did he offer to help, and claim the inspiration as his. Regardless of who thought of it, it is leaps and bounds above sitting on the floor.
Have a nice day,


  1. your house is so pretty now!!!

  2. that looks much nicer and more comfortable!

  3. it looks like it is all coming together!!!!

  4. Im getting a real kick out of reading your blog. Just saw the interview on HLN and had to come look because we just did the exact opposite; moved from the quiet, serene countryside into a town. Still laughing over you taking photos of a compost pile! I guess I should be taking a photo of the curb-side luxury dumpster that I now enjoy. Oh its like a miracle to have the city workers come by and take my trash . I feel quite like a princess with it. Funny- but one day- if you ever leave there, the very things that aggravate you the most now - will be the things that you will miss the most. Just wanted to say also that I knew a couple who also lived in an airstream- but for 8 years. They hung the plastic around the bottom each winter and were cozy warm inside. It was a wonderful, clutter-free life for them. Theres a silver lining to everything. I dont like town yet either- anymore than you like being out in the boondocks. Its not that I dont like it that much- its more that I miss my old friends and the familiarity I had, the privacy, the wildlife. Plant some pumpkin seeds- it will speed up your adaptation. Help you bond a bit more quickly! Ok- good luck to you and BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED! dav467@yahoo.com

  5. Hey I like the knee deep in crap picture

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