Saturday, March 7, 2009

Down Lookinglass Road

Every time I turn down Lookinglass Road I find myself on the other side of the mirror, and here I am, in my personal wonderland. And what do I find here? A long dirt road, a muddy field, tweddle-dee and tweddle-dum… and the monsters in my head. So I open up a stack of cards and lay out solitaire for myself. Up comes Barbie the Goat. She jumps on the rock next to where I sit. “Black ten on the red jack”
“Thanks,” I say as I move the ten over, pondering the red seven under it.
“You’ll never win,” says Barbie, “Cause I stole the 9 of hearts.”
I looked at her closely and noticed that her nose had turned into the 9 of hearts. She stands there staring into my face, those big round eyes with narrow slits. What is she thinking behind those eyes? I walk away, but she stays at my side. Not speaking, just staying right there, at my left hip, walking with me. I stop and she trys to start eating the buttons off my shirt, all while gazing up at me. I walk a little further down, towards the stream, Barbie with me every step of the way. But once I start jumping from rock to rock across the stream, Barbie stops. “I wouldn’t cross the river if I were you!” I look back at her and her sad face, and wonder what haunts her. But goats are scared of everything, I figure, and I’m a big strong person. I am not afraid.
I continue to tell myself this as the wind howls and the tress grow thicker. But after the rain comes the rainbow and the pot of gold, if you can convince the leprechauns to let you take it.
“So you want me pot of gold?”
“It’d be nice”, I say.
And wouldn’t it?


  1. This is one of your best posts. Keep writing. You have a group of fans out here! Susan

  2. Well written and very thoughtful.
    Great built up inspiration of hope in spite of difficult times.
    I'm proud of you and your ability to stay positively charged.

  3. Thank you for the post. Sometimes it does seem like the animals are speaking to you with their expressions..