Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ed, around the farm: a tribute

We really waste quite a bit of water, refilling the animals buckets everyday. Once we get the garden going I'll use the old drinking water to water the plants. At least that's what I'm thinking.
I help with all this work, although he does the heavy lifting. The bag is filled with all the used bedding and manure, at first we were putting all in our compost pile, but the piles began to overflow!
hay there sexy!

At the end of the day, doing what he loves. 

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  1. Hi there: I have been following your blog with interest. (I am the lady that moved to Alaska in the 1980 downturn.) Anyway, I see that there is a Saturday market in Roseburg. If I were you I would research on the products allowed. And maybe start with one product. Pepper Jelly is always a big hit. I also notice that eggs from Heritage Chickens are in demand. There is one fellow who raised them, back east, and is able to sell the eggs for $9.00/dozen. Also by going to the Saturday market you would be able to get a "feel" for the place. I have done pretty well and have had lots of fun being in business for myself. Anyway hang in there and don't get discouraged.