Thursday, March 19, 2009

Got a job

I am now officially no longer unemployed. After ten weeks of looking and hoping, I finally received an offer of employment. I start Monday.
Hmmm, these past few weeks and all the time being on the farm with Ed are starting to look a little idyllic. And I’m kind of jealous that he will be doing the bulk of the farm work. I mean, we love our compost piles and we check the temperature everyday, (we got a thermometer) and the piles are sitting at about 110°. We have a system now where we take the animal water buckets (we have to change their water every other day or so) to use for watering the apple trees, (they are looking great and are starting to bud) and the grapes, (four out of the six transplants look like they survived) and once we get it going, the garden. But now Ed is going to have to do the work all on his own. Except for the weekends, when I’ll help. There will be plenty of daylight hours once I get home to work on the garden. But Ed is going to have more time with it, and that makes me jealous.
At least until Ed gets a job, which he is still looking for.


  1. Hi! I just started reading. I saw you on News To Me. I love your blog. We used to own an airstream and are kinda jealous! :) Enjoy! Congrats on the job. I'm in the middle of the same book you are reading.-Shannon-So.California

  2. What kind of job? Is it far away? I hope you have a great first week!

  3. Get some turkeys and chickens. They lay lots of eaggs and are a lot of fun. Much easier than the big animals and a good source of meat and eggs. I have turkeys and peafowl and I live in Renton WA where it rains even more than Roseberg Or.

  4. Congratulations on your new job!

  5. I read about you on Ringsurf and was not to sure you 'd make it as an Oregonian.But you are! Keep going you may never want to look back.Get some Chicks they are the best part of living this kind of life.