Thursday, March 12, 2009

seeds and trees

As I was talking to my friends, Robbin and Alicia, they both said to me, “Territorial Seeds, Territorial Seeds.” So today Ed and I went to Territorial Seeds. Back up, yesterday we bought apple trees at Home Depot. Braeburn, Gala and Fugi. This morning we drove up to Cottage Grove to go to Territorial Seeds. It was a smaller store than we expected, well maybe not, as we did not know what to expect. What astonished me was the wide variety of tomato seeds, there must have been fifty different kinds of tomatoes. But none of them were named Roma. So I guessed, and grabbed two different varieties. Ed also grabbed two varieties of tomatoes and we didn’t really compare the seeds we had picked out till we got home. So we ended up with four types of tomatoes, two lettuces, two corns, two cucumbers, two carrots, two potatoes, some onion, watermelon and radishes. I still want to get some strawberries. I feel like there is still more seeds I should have got that I think we should be growing. But I also think that I’ll have a decent sized garden.
The area size is 20’ x 60’, but the ten feet at the back is where the compost is, so we have 20’ x 50’ for planting room. This breaks down to twenty rows of 8 feet by about two feet, and having a walking or watering row on either side of the planting row.
Also, as I mentioned, Ed and I bought three apple trees. And we planted them. Digging in the dirt is physically taxing but immensely satisfying work. Here we go:


  1. I envy the space you have. I am starting up a vegetable garden and wished I had lots more space on which to plant things.

    After hearing you guys on 'News to Me' and reading your blog - I'm a fan. Hang tight, you guys will be in a good place one of these days.

  2. I just watched you guys on News to Me. I want you to know that I admire you SO much! My husband, children, and I are struggling to make ends meet right now in New Orleans. Watching you take such bold steps to support each other is so encouraging! Not quite sure I could do the whole killing the pig deal, but I'm all for picking food from the garden! haha. I'm a new fan, and I'm adding you to my feeds, and if you guys ever come to New Orleans, hit me up!! :) Later.

  3. I also saw you on News to Me. I moved from the Seattle area to Klamath County in 2003 and it did take some adjusting to get used to things out here. I'm trying to turn our place(just over an acre) into a profitable farm as well. For another good nursery(besides Territorial) in Oregon, there is Nichols Garden Nursery, I believe they're in Albany. Good luck!